Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Shame stains us too!

How do we even begin to try and understand how three young educated men from middle class families can get their thrills from capturing school girls off a road in broad day light and raping them in a moving car, and to make it even more unbelievably horrific, film these dastardly acts to circulate and boast about! Wow! Is this our generation next ?! What on earth were the values that these children's parents exemplifying as they grew up, and is it mere coincidence that two of these boys have fathers who are in the police force ?

One always imagines that it is the most warped and twisted mental disorders that bring about such dysfunctional behaviour and not the boys next door who should be viewed as potential sexual offenders. I am not one who supports vigilantism nor do I think that people should start to take the law into their own hands. However I was glad to see that the print media had plastered these sexual predators photographs in the news papers which brought the chilling reality of putting a face to a crime.

The next shock was the news of a bollywood actor's alleged misconduct with his maid. If it proves to be true through correct procedures of enquiry that are unbiased, then the severest punishment should indeed be levied. I am of the opinion that if you are well known in your respective field of profession, then it is obligatory that you recognise the public responsibility that your fame is attached to, and at no time can you even slightly be irresponsible. Rape is not a small offence and nobody can circumvent the law if they have in fact committed such a horribly repugnant criminal act.

This should be the red light warning for all parents. Stop being in denial over the misbehaviour or misdemeanours of your children, and understand that to make then into socially well adjusted adults it is important to create correct structures of discipline to guide their lives by. Teach them lessons through example, and spend time with them that is not merely self gratifying for you, but which translates into helping them grow to know themselves well. Compassion, consideration, tolerance, humility and service of others, needs to be learnt if we all are to contribute to the social fabric of collective life in positive ways. Knowing right from wrong and good from bad are basic lessons we learn in the kindergarten years of schooling. So what goes so wrong to make young men become so evil ? It's happening on our doorsteps so beware before its too late!
Photograph by Mithun Rodwittiya taken in Bhuttan

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