Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A thought for the day.

Today I read about a young Iranian girl named Neda Agha Soltan who died just by being a silent protester at a rally in Tehran. To know that her blood gushed out of her body too fast for her to be saved, and that her father had to witness his beloved daughters wasteful death, fills my heart with the deepest anguish and anger. There are times such as these when I become so weary of human intolerance that is born from authoritarian and blind insistence to gag any form of dissent. Yet such incidents also make me stop to consider how fortunate I am. How freedom is something I can loudly insist upon in India, and how my voice will not go completely unheard, whatever the opposition may be. Let me also say that even though I am an atheist I know that no religious scritures would ever propagate such acts of hate or oppression, but it is the interpretations often that hold the problems and create the divides.
For many years I make personal pledges whenever I feel incapable to do something of significance for the specific situation that holds my heart and calls my conscience into account, because in doing so I know Iwill reflect upon it with more sincere consideration . Today is such a day. On such occasions I dedicate and offer all of my energies of the day in the spirit of belief for the cause, situation or person/s. In doing this I also believe it keeps me more alert to the remembrance that I have indeed so much to be grateful for in life.

Please hold the spirit of all the Neda Agha Soltans of the world, close in your heart too.

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