Sunday, 14 June 2009

The driving litter bugs!

The great awareness of education! Well if you are imagining I am being praiseworthy, let me inform you that my tone is dripping with sarcasm! Yesterday I was astonished to see a gang of students on motorcycles (!)riding on a busy road in Baroda during the evening peak hour traffic, with banners like circus acrobats held between two motorcycles, throwing leaflets at all and sundry! What were they promoting? Courses at NIIT Baroda! So let the message be loud and clear: we break the traffic rules, cause chaos for other motorists and litter the city.....and by the way we offer a good educational system. What a farce as a message from an institution!

Advertising seems to always presume "in your face" methods with little concern to anything else, as the only way to get a point across. Scream it in your face, politically correct or not; elbow your moment of attention and if in the process you disturb and vandalize, well what the heck, others do it too so why shouldn't I ?

Junk mail in your mail box at home or in your email, endless sms's on your phones, telephone calls from obscure people selling you schemes they imagine will change your life, magazines three quarter filled with glossy half starved models luring you into their staged dreams.........and what fools we must be, because this charade keeps going with no let up; so someone out there is the sucker who falls for this hook line and sinker and helps perpetuate this madness to repeat itself again and again!

Excess is the name of today's Indian way of life. The bigger the tamasha the better whatever it is, is! What a pity we breed such insecurity in our "wish list" of life. My wish is that sometimes I would stop hearing about the "high percentages" proud parents keep singing on about regarding their children, and hear instead about real values and issues that we focus on within learning, and view this as achievements if successfully inculcated in their lives.

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