Monday, 15 June 2009


If I had a magic wand I would love to turn all those who put the blame of their own inefficiency on to others and make eternal excuses as to "why, what, where, how" things went wrong that sound like the litany of laments, into fat little frogs that can croak away to glory and catch flies as a worthy pastime forever! Am I a bit rattled today.....well that's perhaps putting it mildly. But it isn't just one incident that brings out this out burst. Not a day passes without this strange malady cropping up on my horizon and my time and energy getting wasted! The lame "I'm sorry but....." that is the epitaph to all such occurrences just prolongs my agony of irritation.

Am I just getting old? Maybe this is true, but at 50 I am still putting out my energy that delivers whatever I set out to do, accurately and with abilities that hold standard that live up to expectations. I would imagine this is true to most normal people who train themselves to tasks that they apply themselves to. Then why do we encounter so much bumbling and carelessness that amounts to delays, shoddy work and heartache for all concerned! India with its over population and unemployment should have so many people desiring to prove their mettle and move forward in life.

Anytime I have to go to any government run agency I know that I will need an aspirin on my return! Trust is fast becoming a word that no longer has much of a credibility today, which is indeed a pity because becoming jaded isn't a great alternative to have as a pin up poster of motivation. I think if each of us remain mindful and conscious of what effort is required even of the smallest and most insignificant task, we may be able to then give the best of ourselves at all times. Let's just call it personal quality controlling, and get on with expecting higher standards and putting it out there for others to follow suite.

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