Monday, 14 September 2009

Feverish ramblings!

Have been under the weather with fever and rigors and an intestinal infection and root canal treatment that made my face become lopsided (I paint a sad picture don't I!!!) I buried myself under a quilt for two days and shivered and sipped chilled coke with ice cubes and slices of lemon, and today am back on wobbly feet, feeling a lot better and a few pounds lighter. To celebrate being out from under the covers Surendran took me out for a lunch date to the new Chinese restaurant Mainland China! We both sat in an empty restaurant and ate as though we were truly the emperor and empress of Vadodara!

I started a painting today that is deciding to control me rather than the other way around, so I shall have to tighten my apron stings ( which in this sense stands for becoming more formidable with my brush and scolding my canvas!) and hope that I do not end up being the vanquished in this scenario!!!

I don't normally like plastic fact I rather despise them, but lo and behold I have actually purchased eight plastic chairs today! Not one, not two but eight! Hmm perhaps I can blame it on being feverishly delirious's always a good think to have your finger all pointy and in some emphatic direction that is certainly away from oneself in moments where ones aesthetic tastes crumble!!!!

Well enough ramblings for one incoherent meeting of minds! I will wobble back to my studio anon. I promise to put an ice pack on my forehead and get the fever down.....or else who knows what I may go out tomorrow and buy!!!

P.S Seeing Jaya Prada on Television, crying and screaming in a bullock-cart believing her end was to be in the waters around her ankles, was like watching a classic cartoon film but where the director was Hitchcock! Folly upon folly thy name is idiot politician!!!

P.P.S. Seeing Serena Williams intimidate the poor lines person was another cartoon enactment! What happened girl....didn't anyone tell you that violence is poor sportpersonship???!!!

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