Friday, 25 September 2009

Sense and sensibility ?!

I have always wondered why politicians need to make such a fanfare about their visits to wherever they are going in a country. Ok, don't start to tell me about security etc. because I am sure that these details can be well attended to, even if surprise visits are made by leaders and important party workers. I was pleased therefore to read today about Rahul Gandhi visiting with constituents of a region who are underprivileged, and doing so in ways that were not mere photo opportunities to garner publicity for himself.

The quiet work of a thoughtful politician is bound to have a far reaching ripple effect; where change through observation gets implemented, rather than promises boomed from microphones as grandiose gestures that fade away even before the frantic clapping of the chamchas die down. I must admit I never did give much credit earlier to this rather nerdie looking Gandhi child who does not have the sparkling charisma that his sister exudes, even when she is silent. But prove me wrong he does as each day passes, and he diligently goes about doing his work that he apparently appears to have great commitment for and which seems to be a formulated strategy, well worked out.

I think this different approach where a child of a politician charts their own journey without being held aloft by their genetic legacy alone, is heartening to see this young man evidence. I get disillusioned over news items about squabbles where family members are holding their parties to ransom for tickets and nominations to be given to "mera beta", and I wish a day would come where laws exist that ban such open misuse of office and nepotism. That good old Pratibhaben is trying her luck for her old sonny boy to get a ticket is truly shameful for the office of the President to be associated with. But then this is Indian politics, so tamasha dekho yaar!

I sincerely hope old Mayawatiji keeps her chaddis from getting into a twist over Rahul Gandhi's interaction with the Dalit community. Someone should inform her that upliftment and progress of the underprivileged should be encouraged, and being threatened by a young man half her age seems a bit mean spirited to me. Or maybe Barbie Doll girl feels that Rahul Gandhi may look better as a statue for the people, and that's whats making her restless!!!!

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  1. Hi,
    I completely agree with you about Rahul Gandhi.I started with the prejudices one would automatically have about another generation of the Nehru dynasty. But this recent election and his performances in a couple of press conferences I saw converted me completely. Unlike most politicians he seems to be modest , humble, and has thought out his entire approach to politics. Like his mother he has had the sense to turn down the PM's gaddi when it was his for the asking, placing the interest of the nation first. There is hope for us when we have politicians like that. Most political aspirants with sense rarely have popular appeal. here we have someone with both!