Thursday, 17 September 2009

Twitter bug....

What a complete idiot Shashi Tharoor is!!! If this is the diplomatic training he received during his tenure at the United Nations, then most certainly he must have been sleep walking through it all. You need to be an absolute novice to imagine that humour of such a nature, witty as it maybe considered in some elite cocktail party circles, could ever be considered appropriate when you hold the office of minister of state for external affairs of a nation. Welcome dear blue eyed boy to the world of reality, because you will soon learn in a jiffy that just as India loves to have it's favourite poster boys in public life to cosset and drool over, they equally will burn your effigy in a blink of an eye, with no qualms, if you ruffle their feathers on sensitive issues or appear condescending in attitude to the middle class values that rule the majority of Indian thinking. So next time you are downing the chotta peg beta, make certain you don't twitter the tweety birds exit line by mistake!

Which brings me to this craze of the twitter bug!!!! Twittering phones or singing canaries?! What a laugh! In my life I often wish that the phone would not ring so much , and trust me, I am not inundated with too many calls really! It's just that desire to sometimes shut off the outside world and get on with my own pursuits undisturbed. That people like Shashi Tharoor are hitting the button so to speak, and letting people have such access to them seems odd, unless it is related to helping you do your job, I think you are truly quite insane to want to communicate with strangers! Replying to silly enquiries with smart Alec witticisms just doesn't paint a very promising picture of an astute statesman of the future.

Am I writing the poor man's obituary prematurely? I don't wish to, but by the looks of it this posh lad doesn't quite cut the figure of a person with an agenda to work for the progress of a nation selflessly; where solving problems and not making them should be his aim. He looks much more the Armani suited, champagne and caviar Casanova to me. So lets see how this lad with oozing charm takes the rap on the wrist from the aunties of the high command, and whether after this he buckles down and behaves with the decorum and attitudes necessary to his office. If no, well then Bye-bye baby is all I can say!!!!

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