Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Fly the flag at half mast today....

That a bank manager in Andra Pradesh could extort sex from tribal women in exchange for sanctioning loans to them and then video tape this atrocity as a further extortion tool, becomes mind boggling to comprehend. It shows just how much the rot of male abuse in India exists through powers of office; and exist they do because someone always looks the other way and so much therefore slips under the radar of any accountability.

Shame! Shame! Shame! What a sordid society we are becoming. Rapes, lynchings, encounter killings, supari contracts - you name it, and we in India seem to specialise in it! I continuously observe how difficult it is for Indian society to feel truly comfortable with women who are empowered and govern their own existences. We almost believe that it is a cultural expectancy that women should be submissive, and if they aren't, well then just impose your will and break their spirit and force them into submission! Sex is a rampant tool of power repeatedly used because the offenders very rarely are punished in ways that could act as a deterrent to such crimes.

In moments where such exposes occur where real issues of a nation seem to be so badly handled, the superficial drama's of economy drives by the politicians in power at the centre where Rahul Gandhi does a rail safar parading as the aam admi, is truly like a high school play that is excruciating to watch! Let's please get real in the high command at Delhi and call into account priorities of a more compelling nature. That the women of my nation are humiliated in such a way as they attempt to empower themselves through appealing for financial aid, becomes a stain too indelible to be washed away the mere rhetoric of political debate any longer! Each infant girl child is tainted by this legacy of disrespect to her gender each time such stories come to light, and each of us must be committed to gift the right of empowerment as a path of progress to her and the nation should constitutionally uphold this stringently.
Let us all be more vigilant, because there is so much we all pass by and close our eyes to. One of the typical remarks we need to strike off our list is : Chodo yaar, que involve hone ka hai?....and maybe then such stories of exploitation will cease.

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