Tuesday, 15 September 2009

He's my boy!

I was listening to an interesting debate on NDTV 24 X 7 yesterday conducted by Barka Dutt, where Vir Sanghvi said something that finally made me begin to understand why on earth Narendra Modi keeps getting elected back, again and again! Vir talked about how the Gujarati psyche looked upon this man Modi with a personal sense of identification that represented their pride. The pride of ownership, of deeming something important that stands in their name; and of believing therefore that their leader must be protected because in doing so they protect their sense of Gujarati identity out on the national political stage!

Wow! This must truly turn the Mahatama's spirit upside down, that the land he was born to upholds a mass murderer as being of significant value to represent the pride of a peoples state. Each election I will the logic of the people of my state to find a way to perceive a more truthful understanding of what they need to address when the votes get caste, but to no avail as it turns out. This megalomaniac man who parades in front of the masses like a bad magician that pulls illusions of progress out of his political briefcase, is still standing under the shadow of a genocide that will never go away. I hope a time comes soon when the memories of the people of Gujarat are not so selective, and that we charge sheet this politician for the crimes he has committed so openly, and in fact with our consent!

The Sabarmati Ashram of Gandhiji is only an emblem in our state today without the substance it should be able to evoke and the ideals it should instill. How hate of any kind can become woven into a political mandate of the people becomes frightening to conceive, and to live through, even more chilling. When will a new political sunrise occur in Gujarat that can wilt the lotus that lives in murky waters, is the real question we need to address.

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