Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Good House keeping!

I have a simple principle in life. Be honest about what you want and then manage it without any over due fanfare. I have a wonderful staff who keeps the efficiency and order of maintenance well orchestrated in our rather rambling home, and I feel privileged to have their skills contribute to the overall vision of our lives as a family.

The first rule to keep in every home is to have only what suits you. This should include the aesthetics that governs the space because if a home environment does not appeal to you, then you will be unable to feel comforted under its roof. A home should also not become a junk yard. Clear up and let go!

Create an order for yourself which is practical. Use your calender to make a detailed timetable of chores that allows a system of functioning to be set into place that does not require your personal attention at all times. Learn to delegate responsibilities, and supervise without interference. Use the method of departmentalising a home so that you perceive it's running to be that of an office space. This mind set helps greatly in allowing you to organise in a more detailed manner, and anticipate rather than becaught off guard.

I have a number of lists which facilitate coordination for home management. These lists, at a press of a button, can be altered or added to, making the organising of all things very simple for me. Important contacts are kept accessible to all and instructions for emergencies well tabulated. My larder is stocked with items that are standardized. I am a creature of habit within such domains, and keep my adventurous spirit for other areas of life!

A home is normally a shared collective space and so basic house rules should be structured so that all who share the space know how to contribute to its functioning. This preserves a sense of consideration for all concerned which I believe is a valuable component to have within a home.

Cleanliness and order are easy to achieve if procrastination doesn't become the name of the game. Dis-allow yourself to be ruled by a perpetual back-log of work and instead preserve your freedom by keeping pace with the reality of your existence. If home is truly where your heart is, then don't do anything in half measures. Do things well and always by your own capability. That will be the best yardstick to keep.

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