Wednesday, 15 July 2009

What dreams are made of!

I love Mallika Sherawat and Rakhi Sawant! Here are two women who say it like it is and possess no desire what-so-ever to white wash themselves with the virtues that others may hold as neccessary for them. Casting couches or publicity stunts, these two don't play coy about the strategies that they have adopted to climb the ladder of success. In the entertainment business where so much of the hoopla is self -generated these girls come across as much more real in the way they handle themselves whenever in the media spot light. They are empowered and seek to live life as they plan it. Sometimes boldly iconoclastic and irreverent, but otherwise mostly savvy and politically correct, they floor you with their upfront candour. I don't think we credit them enough for the honesty with which they present themselves at all times; and the confidence that they exude in my opinion, is refreshingly genuine amidst the hypocrisy of all the other wanna-be's.

I think that these women map a new emancipation that defines the bollywood woman of today. Their bold oomph is not merely on display for the viewer alone but is also a celebration of their own feminine spirit to themselves, in a hard won journey of self discovery. Kudos to these wonderfully conscientious women who play the game better than most, and win the jackpot every time!

The polarized stereo-typical "bad girl/good girl" image for female entertainers in India can finally be laid to rest, along with the over used glycerin bottle too. The suffering celluloid sati-savitri is thankfully a thing of the past, and the word "vamp" now out dated in the new dictionary of today's bolly-wood script writers. These girls wear their silicon breasts and chiseled pouts like designer labels, and flaunt them; not as Gods gifts but as their own professional investments to themselves. Their joie de vivre is brilliant and I think the stage really does belong to them. I give them a standing ovation!
(photograph from our travel in Turkey: courtesy Mithun Rodwittiya)

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