Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I shall save you my people!

Bravo! Today our chief minister of Gujarat continued his rule of terror by passing an anti-terrorist bill that is of the same standing as the much despised POTA bill, so we can expect the usual misuse of power that this government revels in; as well as the fear tactics that the minorities will be subjected to, via the implementation of it. Wow! This a shining day for us!

What a pity that this government does not see the writing on the wall. We are walking ourselves into a dead end if we continue with the provocation we insist upon meeting out to those in our society that we have pre- decided to target. Years of harassment and suspicion, and the continued questioning of loyalty will invite a backlash of anger that will divide our country in ways that will be irrevocable. The youth of our minorities are growing up with a suppressed anger and today's India has no Mahatma to defuse these boiling sentiments and speak of ahimsa. As a nation we also continue to play into the games of the United States of America by holding onto the issues that partition created with our neighbours, and with every passing day we loose our focus as to what will really be our common goal for the progress of this region, which can benefit us all.

So let us raise a toast with the hooch that is freely available in this dry state to the founder of terror. Hitler indeed will be proud of his son. The agenda is clear to see. All of Gujarat and it's people are not the real concern of this government. Under the pretense of protecting the state, here's yet another chance to legitimise ethnic cleansing. Whoopee! What a great idea! Who cares about secular democracy and a constitution. Certainly not apna Bhai Modi! Jai Hind!

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