Saturday, 4 July 2009

A half open bloom.....

Yesterday my friend saved the life of a child. This boy left his mothers hand and began to run across the road into the middle of rush hour traffic on a main road in Baroda. Without thinking twice, and not bothering about her own life, my friend seeing a car speeding towards the child rushed into the middle of the road and grabbed the child and tumbled with him to safety. Whilst doing this she was hit from behind by a scooter and has torn a ligament in her leg as a consequence. The child merely had some skin abrasions that were minor. My friend thankfully has got off lightly in her act of heroism, because she could very well have been fatally injured if not killed. When we talk of unsung heroes, these are the people we are referring to, who in an instant can put their lives at risk to save another without any hesitation or regret. We are so proud of you dear friend.

But not everyone has the humanness with which to fan the spirit of life with the desire to keep it alive. Today to learn that a policeman killed a young man who was being argumentative and provocative in action with him, instead of shooting him in the leg, seems so absurd in contract to the spontaneous act of saving the life of another that my friend did unasked. It appears that those who need to be the saviours and who we invested with the power to intervene with wisdom in troubled times, are the people who too often are incapable of responsibility and can be destructive in their actions.

On the same day: two stories, two people, two different philosophies. I know who my role model is!

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