Monday, 13 July 2009

My Angel-a from heaven!

If you are ever going to be a pet owner, you need to have a good vetinary doctor in your city. We consider ourselves amongst the truly fortunate because we have Dr. Angela Lobo in Baroda who isn't just great at what she does, but understands the need to offer comfort to the owers at all times, making her practice a holistic interaction that serves both the patients and their owners. When Angela was away from Baroda on a years sabatical recently, she was my long distance pacifier for all my cat worries; and just talking to her over the phone could calm me in an instant, whatever the crisis, which shows the intensity of faith and trust she exudes .
Yesterday she operated on our second generation cat who hails from the ferrel world of Bombay's back alley ways. Angela poor soul, despite being sleep deprived, spent time going back and forth from the other end of the city to our home for all the post operative crisis that my drama queen Begum had to enact, multi-tasking with attending to her son and his homework along in the car ! Today my junglee girl repaid her doctor by hissing and scratching like a demon whose tail might have been on fire when Angela came yet again to administer her the antibiotic medication she needs. This doctor takes your calls at all hours of the day or night, listens to you patiently however trivial your fears maybe, and helps you to become a responsible and proud pet owner. To boot she gets mauled and bitten on the job!
I love my cat to the point that my world comes to a stand still whenever anything goes wrong with her, and I never have to feel embarrassed about these emotions with her. She understands and has quietly helped me to heal the deep sorrow of loosing my beloved Bedi last February. I call her my animal spiritual-guide. She encouraged me to act upon my emotional need to bring little Begum into our lives as quickly as we did, after Bedi passed away, and needed no explanation to understand I was not making a replacement at all.
I know that if this doctor was not in my life I could never have had the courage to have a pet. The government veterinary facilities are soulless from my experience . I owe a great debt of gratitude to this amazing woman and yet no words could ever really sum it up. She of course always brushes my thanks away but smiles at me knowing that she holds my heartstrings, and does so with the greatest of tenderness.

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