Saturday, 18 July 2009

The new rape game of politics in India!

Wow! What a proud day for all of us women in India when two women politicians can make the horrors of rape into a ping pong game of tactical warfare to gain political brownie point! Repeatedly we see the murky mess that democratic governance becomes after the courtship of election promises in our country, when all the rainbow dreams fade, and speeches of hope for the aam janta finally become hollow words that never really evidence change. Rahul Gandhi talks of making the poor people the Congress parties prime focus, but fights shy of condemning the vile rhetoric of his party person; conveniently taking a personal position when asked a question regarding party position. If he is to walk the walk and places himself in areas of political crisis as a damage controller, then he should know that he cannot shirk becoming the voice and representation of his party's agenda's and image. So grow up baby, the dimples are cute, but the double speak far too foxy!
As all of sensible India gasped as the Queen of Pink and Ms. Pouty Lips Joshi dishonoured the women of our country by politicizing rape, we wonder where all the talk about gender politics, equality, protection of the rights of women, women role models and a thousand other issues that deal with fair play, honour and equality of the sexes has gone to in the great developing and progressive nation we claim India to be. Because if we as a country want to shed our feudal and patriarchal past then we are certainly going down the wrong road ! As women we continuously let ourselves down and political parties like the Congress need once and for all to get their manifesto right. If women's issues do have a focus in their list of priorities, then stop pussy footing around glaring issues that require straight talking, and publicly show the strength of the party's convictions where two wrongs just do not make a right.

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