Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Great Indian Tamasha!

How can parents and teachers collectively believe that riding a motor-cycle over the outstretched hands of little children amounts to being an act of bravery?! I continue to be amazed at the lack of sensibility we exhibit as responsible people who in fact should know what our real duties need to be, but instead repeatedly choose to ignore them. The outrage that was paraded in the media by "concerned" politicians and members of religious groups over the reality show Sach ka samna for being a wrong lesson in family values for the youth of our country, seems farcical in the light of yestedays atrocity in a school in India. Where are all those self appointed "protectors of our nation" ? Which of them have come forth to give this issue the same focus and attention, and more importantly to display an outrage that this act of cruelty deserves.

The abuse of human rights does not seems to perturb us as a nation too much, but sentiments are very easily ruffled over non issues such as what an artist may paint; and these "guardian of our nation" will take out FIR's and lodge every police complaint possible by the dozen, to stir up trouble over non-issues and create civil unrest to serve their political agendas. We allow under trials to languish in jail for years on end with no hope of freedom for petty crimes and misdemeanours that they committed which could be corrected via rehabilitation programs at correctional centers. But which minister in parliament thinks these issues are worthy of discussion since obviously there is no vote bank benefit attached to these human stories.

We witness the disruption of many opposition benches in various legislative state assemblies in full view of the camera's, where the attempts to destabilise elected governments are the prime objectives; knowing fully well that the consequences of such actions on the people of their states can be catastrophic and regressive to the peace process, as well as the overall progress of the respective state. But once again, it is always vote bank politics that will finally rule in India and each politicians keeps their eye firmly on this despite whatever else they promise.

Am I sounding cynical today?! Well seeing dozens of children lying face down on the ground, cringing in fear with out stretched hands, waiting for a motor-cycle to ride over their tiny hands does not make me feel elated nor hopeful. Where is that promised pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ?!

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